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Matthew Gee’s – Amazing Sliding Circus (solo record)

Matthew Gee's - Amazing Sliding Circus (solo record) This fabulous solo record from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's Principal Trombone, Matthew Gee, was produced by 360 Music. The disc features premiers from two of the UK's leading composers Robert Keeley & Gary Carpenter and beautiful playing from the RPO and Christopher Glynn.   The [...]

King Rose EP

King Rose EP  Writing/Production/Engineering of King Rose's debut EP.   All songs written by Jamie Hughes and Jim Unwin (360 Music). The record also features Dave Newington (drums) and was co-produced/engineered by James Clarke.   The record is due to be released through State 51 and will be published by Touch Tones. [...]

Recording Workshop for Making Music

'Introduction To Music Technology' - Workshop for Making Music   We recently prepared and delivered a practical workshop covering the basics of music technology for members of Making Music. The day long session covered the following; What equipment you need to make a recording How to set-up a simple recording Microphone techniques How to manipulate sound Compression/Reverb/EQ The basics of editing/mixing and mastering [...]